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How To Buy

Order Online

Most of our customers buys from us online. Simply browse or Search on our website to see what we have available in stock. Add the quantity you would like to buy to cart.

Go to checkout page and follow easy to use steps to complete checkout process.

You can pay using your debit/credit card or select Bank Transfer if you would like to send payment via Bank Transfer or Bank Deposit.

Order Via Phone

If you are interested to speak to us you can always call us on 0208 0900 897 and let us know what you are looking for. You can download our stock list here to see what we have in stock and let one of our sales representative know your selection who can process your order (not payments) over the phone.

Payment Online

We use Checkout.com for our online payments. You will be given an option to select Debit/Credit card if you wish to make payment online no matter which currency account you hold. We charge in GBP Pound Sterling as we are based in UK.

Order Via Email

You can download our live stock list in excel or pdf format here and send across your selection along with your complete billing, shipping and contact details to wholesale@ukmobilewholesalers.co.uk so that we can process your order and send you across your invoice.

Order In Person

If you wish to visit us then please call us at 0208 0900 897 or email us at wholesale@ukmobilewholesalers.co.uk to book an appointment to visit us. We are based in London. You can get our directions from our contact us page.

How does Deliveries Work?

We ship out all our parcels using UPS Secure service that we have been using for the past 8 years with track record of 0 missing deliveries since we have been using them. Weather you are based in London, Tokyo, Lagos, New York or Dubai UPS provides fastest and most efficient deliveries across the global.

You will be provided best deliveries options and prices at the checkout screen based on your order. We won’t be able to provide any delivery charges without knowing how many items you are buying.

How does Warranty Work?

You can check our warranty criteria on every product page or you can view our terms and conditions to learn more about our warranties.

Are we open on Weekends?

Yes we are open most of the weekends. So if you are planning to visit us then kindly book your appointment with us so that we can make sure one of our sales representative is there to attend you.

Do you buy as well?

Yes, If you have any deal to offer us please feel free to send us across your offers at wholesale@ukmobilewholesalers.co.uk.

Daily Mailing List

You can subscribe your email address with us and we can send you our daily stock list along with prices and quantity so that you can stay on top with our updates and stock availability.

Who Pays for the Import Taxes & Duties?

UK & EU Customers don’t have pay any taxes or duties as all parcels are dispatched from London. Receivers outside of the EU are responsible for import duties and taxes based on their location. Please contact your local office of Customs to learn about import duties and taxes.

Value Added Tax

All goods are sold on Second Hand Margin Scheme. Hence there are no additional costs on top of the prices you currently see on our website.