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UK Mobile Wholesalers is a one stop shop for reasonable prices wholesale lots of mobile phones.

Here you can find our latest inventory that is updated every day automatically.

You can view our Brand New, Refurbsihed, 14Days, Grade A, Grade B, Grade C , Grade D & Grade Z mobiles stock list. To view the latest stock simple click on any of the options below.

download our BULK mobiles deals list in PDF format

download our BULK mobiles deals list in Excel format

This stock list contains information about our current Brand New, Used, Non-Working, BER (Beyond Economical Repair), Locked, Unlocked, Simfree, Low end, high end & mid range mobile phones.

We specialize in wholesale of Brand New, Refurbsihed, 14Days, Grade A, Grade B, Grade C , Grade D & Grade Z mobile phones in bulk quantities based in the heart of London.

This list contains our complete inventory so you know what we have physically in stock available for you to buy online, via email, on call or simply book an appointment to come see us and purchase from our London Office.

All prices mentioned in this list are in GBP Pound Sterlings and does not include delivery charge. All goods are sold on Margin Vat scheme hence the prices you see are the prices you pay.

All the items are tested and hold warranty expect for Grade D & Z. For more information call us or email us so that we assist you in making the right decision when buying from us.

You will need to have Microsoft Excel or Adobe Acrobat to view our stock lists. These stock lists updates in real time and contains information of stock we are ready to send out to you.